Custom Window fashions from Hunter Douglas will beautify your home, enhance your interior decor style and provide valuable energy efficiency benefits.

We offer a complete line of Hunter Douglas shades and blinds and serve the Dundee, Illinois area from our design showroom and the Chicago suburbs from our Crystal Lake and Barrington, Illinois locations.

Hunter Douglas is on the cutting edge of energy efficiency. Their Duette™ and Architella™ honeycomb shades are designed to provide premium energy efficiency.

One of the best things an energy efficient shade can provide is insulation. Heat is attracted to cold; this means in the winter the warm air from your home is attracted to the cold air behind the windows. In the summer, the reverse happens; the cool air provided by your air conditioner is moving toward the heat outdoors. An energy efficient Hunter Douglas window treatment can prevent this problem by adding an extra layer of insulation. This will reduce your energy bills and make your room more comfortable.

Another benefit of energy efficient shades and blinds is protection from solar heat. Sunlight pouring through the windows may be great in the winter, but in the summer it can make a room hot and uncomfortable, and can drive up cooling costs. Many Hunter Douglas shades are designed to reduce the amount of solar heat that passes through a window, called the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). The lower the SHGC, the more protection from solar heat a window treatment offers. If you want to let the sunlight in, all you have to do is open the shade.

The aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of Hunter Douglas custom window treatments

Hunter Douglas custom window fashions, shades and blinds will beautify your home while adding energy efficiency benefits

Window Fashions as a perfected decorative art and utilitarian living space element

From Hunter Douglas: At Hunter Douglas, we're an industry leader in making a big energy savings difference at the window. In 1985, we invented the highly energy-efficient Duette™ honeycomb shades in response to the energy crisis of the late 1970s. Today, we continue to think about the impact all of our window fashions can make. Without energy-efficient window treatments, as much as 50% of a home's heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows.

Hunter Douglas blinds and shades for energy efficiency in Crystal Lake and Barrington, Illinois by Spiritcraft Interior Design

Discover the benefits of custom window shades as insulation

We can show you how your custom window fashion can increase the r-value of your windows.

In winter months, your home heating escapes to the outdoors through your windows while in the summertime, the outside heat flows into your home through these same windows. With window treatments that provide insulation, you can reduce energy consumption, save on heating and cooling costs, and create a more comfortable atmosphere.

Hunter Douglas insulating window shades for home decor in Crystal Lake and Barrington, Illinois by Spiritcraft Interior Design

Solar shades and controlling the amount of solar radiation entering your home

Use solar controlling shades and blinds to control solar radiation to your economic advantage depending upon the season.

The warmth provided by the sun, its solar energy, may be desirable during the winter to help heat your home, but in the summer, it can make a room overly hot and uncomfortable driving up air conditioning costs. Many Hunter Douglas window fashions help to control solar heat by allowing it into your home in the winter and minimizing the amount that comes in during the summer.

Hunter Douglas Solar window shades for home decor in Crystal Lake and Barrington, Illinois by Spiritcraft Interior Design

Daylighting | Reducing the need for artificial lighting.

In this era of increasing electricity rates, daylighting can provide both aesthetic and practical benefits

Daylighting is the practice of lighting rooms with natural light rather than artificial light. By drawing natural light into a room many of our window treatments reduce the need for other types of lighting, thereby reducing your energy use.

Daylighting or using natural light with Hunter Douglas window shades for home decor in Crystal Lake and Barrington, Illinois by Spiritcraft Interior Design

Shades and Blinds offer privacy while allowing ambient light to illuminate your home during the day

Allow us to show you how both privacy and light diffusion can enhance your interior decor.

Hunter Douglas products are designed to offer a range of light control and privacy options with a broad selection of fabrics and materials, in a range of opacities from sheer to opaque. The translucent fabrics that many of our products offer are specially engineered to diffuse harsh sunlight and draw it deeper into the room, dispersing the light to help illuminate your home naturally and reduce the need for artificial light.

Window shades and light control for home decor in Crystal Lake and Barrington, Illinois by spiritcraft interior design

Use controlled natural light as a part of your interior decor ambience.

Custom made shades and blinds will allow greater flexibility in controlling and filtering ambient lighting

Select Hunter Douglas products feature innovative slats and vanes that allow you to deflect and redirect sunlight precisely where you want. With innovations like their unique "Top-Down/Bottom-Up operating system, you can maintain your privacy and still enjoy the natural light. This offers a more versatile approach to light control. Shades can be open from the top, from the bottom, or somewhere in between for the perfect balance of privacy and light.

Hunter Douglas products allow you to deflect and redirect sunlight precisely in crystal lake and barrington, illinois by spiritcraft interior design

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